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Why Hire Laughing Bird Consulting?

Not Your Average Project Manager

If you're looking for a Prince2 & MSP Practitioner, Interim Project and Programme Management services who is hands-on, people focussed and experienced in business change and transformational Project and Programmes, with a background that spans across a number of key operational departments, then look no further.

We have been Project & Programme Managing multi-million pound business change and transformation Projects and Programmes for over ten years and have a vast experience and many learnings to share and help organisations grow and mature. Projects and Programmes have included legislative and non-legislative Projects as well as larger scale complex transformation Programmes. Over the years we have helped organisations mature their ways of working, improve efficiency, increase revenue and protect revenue.

Below are just a sample of Projects and Programmes we worked on and delivered.

Sample Legislative Projects

  • UK pension reform
  • Annual payroll upgrades
  • USA, UK, Spanish APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System)
  • Data retention workflows and processes

Sample Non-Legislative Projects

  • Recruitment and on-boarding system
  • Learning management suite
  • Portfolio and planning management tool
  • Flight ancillary system, call centre tool and website
  • Electronic document management scanning system
  • Sample Transformation Programmes

  • Merger of two major airlines
  • HR transformation - new HR platform, payroll system and bespoke crew variable pay rules engine
  • IT transformation - new organisation design, systems and processes
  • How Do We Work?

    Scott is a genuine hands-on Project Manager who leads by example. He is a people person who actively gets to know his team and builds up a strong working relationship to get the best out of each individual and the team as a whole. He has strong stakeholder management skills and works closely each stakeholder to understand how they operate, prefer to be communicated to and listen to any concerns that need to be taken into consideration.

    He is extremely passionate about the need for change management and understands that any business change is less likely to be successful if change management has not been taken into consideration.

    Being highly organised helps Scott stay on top of the current status of the Project or Programme, which provides the ability to quickly pick up and address any issues, as soon as they arise. HIs background in business analysis and experience in test management provides the opportunity to challenge requirements and strategy for the best intentions of the Project or Programme.

    • Why do i need a Project Manager?

      Despite Project Management having been a profession for a very long time there remains a question on some peoples minds, what does a Project Manager really do and what value to they add? We;ll, In order to achieve control over anything there needs to be a plan and it is the Project Manager who plans the sequence of the activities, with the support of the Project team. It is the Project Managers responsibility to monitor how work is progressing against the agreed plan, manage changes, risks and issues. If work is going well a good Project Manager will continually assess the status to see if the work can be speeded up or if is there is an opportunity to reduce costs. The aim of a Project Manager, using Prince2, is to make the right information available at the right time to the right people to make the right decision.
    • What makes Project different to business as usual (BAU) activities?

      A Project is a temporary team of people brought together for the purposes of delivering one or more deliverables (products) against an agreed business case. In most cases a Project is usually delivering something brand new to an organisation which in itself creates a higher degree of risk. This results in a need for closer management of the deliverable to ensure the best opportunity for its successful introduction into the organisation.

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    If you have a Project or Programme which needs Interim support either through a particular phase or to manage the Project or Programme end to end please contact us today using the get in touch form on this site. Alternatively you can call us on 0741 1111 209.