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Leaflet Design & Print
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Design Services

Our design services include digital media, in the form of website design, and printed media, such as posters, banners, leaflets, ad creation as well as graphic and logo design. We will work with you throughout the whole design process and not rest until you are completely happy with the end product. We also promise to never take on a job unless we know we can deliver to your expectations and never overload ourselves meaning you will be getting the service you deserve.

What Are the Key Steps in the Design Process?

Whether creating a new website or enhancing an existing one the process when working with us is a continuous, between both parties. There will be times during the design phase where we will need to sit down with you and review each element, so it matches with your requirements. A final sign-off from you will then be required before going live, to ensure you are completely happy.

The general steps that are carried out throughout the design are:

  1. Obtain an overview of your website objectives and design styles.
  2. Produce a design template around a theme and your brand guidelines.
  3. Receive sign off of the template and theme.
  4. Begin to receive the content including graphics for the design process to begin. This is an iterative process
  5. Design and sign off each page.
  6. Testing is carried out throughout the development cycle.
  7. Receive your final sign-off.
  8. Go live / launch your new site to the world.

Our Creative Design Prices

As we offer a truly bespoke service with each job requiring different elements this results in varying timeframes so rather than provide a rate card we price on a job by job basis. However please contact us for a free quote. We'll just need to ask you a few questions to provide you with your quote.

You'll pay just 50% upfront with the final 50% to be paid upon your sign off of the final designed product.

Website Design Top Tips

If you're thinking about producing a website, enhancing an existing one yourself or would like us to help you there are some questions which you need to consider before you start. Below you'll find some key areas to consider, however if you use our creative services we will always guide you through these questions, so please don't feel daunted by any of them.

  • Considerations - Images & Logo

    • Do you have a logo? If not contact us to help you create one
    • Do you have all the images you require or do they need to be sourced?
    • If you have images, do they need to be resized / optimised for the web?
    • Do any graphics or banners need designing?
    • Do you have existing branding guidelines that the images and logos need to align with? e.g. fonts

  • Considerations - Pages of your Site

    • Do you have any thoughts on how many pages you require on your site?
    • How would you like your customers to contact you?
    • Do you require a holding page whilst your site is being designed?
    • Will customers be purchasing any products directly from your website?
    • Have you any thoughts of the flow of the site? e.g. the customer journey

  • Considerations - General

    • Do you have a domain name already purchased (website address)? If not, we can arrange that for you
    • What is the objective of your site?
    • Who are your direct competitors?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Have you any written content for your site?
    • When do you require your site up and running? How flexible is this date?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What is your long term goal for the site?

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