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Is a PPM tool right for your organisation?

Laughing Bird Consulting Ltd wrote an article which was publish in the PM Today magazine and website about Project Portfolio Management tools. Read a sample below and click the link at the end to navigate directly to read the whole article. 

Your company needs continued growth, but at the same time want to keep its cost base down? Does this sound familiar?

If so, this is not an unusual situation, and in this competition driven marketplace, change is the only constant. So, with what seems like two contradicting statements for growth, and cost reduction, is it really possible to ‘have your cake and eat it’? As an independent Project and Programme Manager with over 10 years’ experience I’m advising that yes, you can have your Victoria Sponge, and enjoy every single slice, but you’ll need to think outside of the cake box. This means you must be smart with how your organisation manages its people delivering change, and the Project and Programmes they are working on.

In this article I’m going to share my views, experience, and the importance of correctly implementing a Project Portfolio Management Tool (PPM), within any size of organisation, to help you manage change more effectively.

Read the whole article on the PM Today website

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