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Why Choose Laughing Bird Consulting?

Scott is a Leader not a Manager. What is the difference? A Manager directs, delegates and takes more of a hands-off approach, whereas a Leader motivates and inspires.

Scott is very much a hands-on Project Manager with his main focus on the end goal of delivery or implementation. He works closely with teams to build up strong relationships, keeps team members focused on their tasks and addressed problems or concerns as soon as they arise. 

He recognises that Project teams are by their nature temporary, containing individuals who may not have worked together before.  Delivering work with a leader who is a people person ensures the Project is delivered to time, cost and quality and also by a motivated and engergised Project team.


Scott - IT Project Manager



Scott is a hands-on, energetic and enthusiastic Interim I.T. Systems Project Manager. He has proven success leading teams and delivering varied projects including I.T. and Business Transformation, Change, Governance, Communication and Training. He has over ten years experience managing On and Off-Shore suppliers and ensures that these relationships are built to consistently deliver the best out of each vendor, staff, and the value obtained from implemented systems and processes.



Scott has worked on Projects and Programmes which have either added value to the bottom line or saved organisations money in operational costs.

Benefits delivered include:

  • £5m additional income in year one against a Project cost of £1m
  • Operating cost saving of £300k implementing a recruitment tool
  • Revenue protection of £80m through improved point of sale processes, systems and tools
  • plus many others

Contact us today and see what Scott can do for you and your organisation. 


As well as offering Project Management Scott also provides a digital creative service.

Scot has many years experience working with small to medium sized business to help them with their digital and printable marketing needs.

Don't have a logo or brand guidelines? Don't worry we can help you with this.

Our clients have included a hair salon, bespoke jeweler, West End entertainer, energy provider, amusement park, dog trainer, dance company, telecoms giant and many more. 

Creative and design services include:

  • Website design and support
  • Leaflet, postcard, pop-up banner and poster design and printing
  • Digital and printed media advertisement design
  • Logo design
  • Car branding

Contact us today if you need a creative solution produced. We'd be happy to provide you with a free quote.


Scott thrives off helping individuals and companies solve problems. Give him a brief detailing what problem you are trying to solve or what issue you have and he will return with a number of options to help you address these, along with a recommendation for you to consider.

In recent times Scott has helped organisations protect revenue, increase revenue, improve efficiency and provide options for legislative changes.


Over the years Scott has demonstrated that his natural Project Management abilities can be easily transferred across many types of systems and business functions. Below are just a sample of the systems and tools Scott has worked with.

Microsoft SharePoint | HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP | Bond Adapt Recruitment Tool | Drupal | Oracle Taleo | Oracle RightNow | Northgate Arinso (ResourceLink) | Workday | SafeGuard Worldwide International | Kainos | KeyedIn Solutions | Dynamyx (Knowledgelake)| Kineo/Totora | Navitaire New Skies | Quintessence Kronos | Newsweaver | PayData | Lorica | Ipsos Mori | Test Director/Quality Centre | Nest | Aegon | Microsoft: Project, Visio and Office 


Recent Posts

Launch of Our New Website

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to develop our brand new website, Laughing BIrd Consulting Ltd, and are pleased to unveil it to you today.

We've refreshed the branding, given the whole website a new look and feel and made it even easier for you to find what you are looking for. We've included testimonials from people and companies that have worked with us, added a regular blog feature, so you can keep up to date with interesting articles.


KeyedIn User Conference - 2015

A Project I recently implemented at a FTSE100 business was to change an organisations ways of working regarding Portfolio Management Planning and Processes. The main objective of the Project was to provide the Portfolio Office and Senior Management teams with greater visbility of resourcing effort, spent and forecast, across Projects and Programmes, in order to aid better decision making.

This Project was under a wider transformation Programme of which i was also working on, as the Senior Project Manager.


Do We Really Learn Our Lessons?

For Project Managers and anyone involved in delivering change to an organisation learning lessons is an important part of your job. Ensuring lessons are logged and shared helps businesses evolve by avoiding the same pitfalls and also repeating activities that went well.

I have always been extremely passionate about lessons learned and if done well, consistently and the organisation has a good process, can really help companies mature. Unfortunately all too often i have seen many projects avoid producing lessons learned and It is a sad fact that some organisations just don't value the benefit lessons learned can bring.


The Benefits of Video Tutorials

For any change to 'land' well with its target audience it must be clear what value it will bring to them as individuals, as a team and for the company. By getting the end users onside any changes you wish to make will be much easier to implement. 

During the delivery of my Projects and Programmes I have over the years carried out many change management activities, and am extremely passionate about this aspect of my job. Too often I have seen implementations of changes delivered to what may initially seem a success, due to it being delivered to time, cost and quality, only for it to then fail. This is because the end users did not know why the change was being made, what value it would bring them and even how to use the new tool or system.


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